A History of the Library - The Elma Public Library was organized in January of 1913 by librarian Mrs. Harry Pardee, Mrs. H.L. Spaulding and Mr. Frank Howard. The library was located above the Davies Drug Store on west Main Street. Next, (not sure of the year) the library was moved into the Elma City Hall and remained there until 1969. In 1969 the former telephone office was turned over to the city, after extensive remodeling and an addition was completed the library moved in. Emma Longstreth was the librarian for over 40 years and was the driving force by which Elma gained this brick building. Emma achieved this through a national library grant awarded her for her outstanding library work. Emma prided herself on having read every book that had gone into the library.  1980 - Tom Offerman was the librarian assisted by Pat Streich and later was replaced by Dolores Palmersheim in May of 1982. Dolores was assisted by Connie Ludwig. Connie took over as librarian in 1986 and in 2002 Barb Schroeder became the head librarian. Renee Burke is the current library director. She took over as the director in February 2013. 

In June 1996 the library raised $100,000 to purchase the former Veterinary/Petals n Gifts Building at 710 Busti Ave, right next door to the old library. In 2002 an addition was built onto the library that is used as a meeting/reading room.The community has always been a strong supporter of the Elma Public Library with volunteering and helping raise funds to purchase buildings, remodel and in general keeping the library viable in our small community.